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GemSelect offers a vast selection of more than 120 varieties of colored gemstones at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our prices are priced so low, you won't need any gimmicks, like 'coupons' or 'discount codes'. Specializing in natural loose gemstones, we offer the widest selection of fine sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, garnet and zircon. We also stock many rare and hard-to-find varieties, such as chrome diopside, morganite, sphene, scapolite and more at rock bottom prices. We generally ship orders within 1 business day they are received, sometimes sooner, and offer FedEx express delivery within 3 to 4 days to virtually any place in the world.

GemSelect deals only in natural gems, mined from the earth. All gems are guaranteed to be natural and as described in our descriptions. We also offer certification from recognized gemological laboratories. If your looking for specific sizes, many of our gems are available in calibrated sizes as well.

GemSelect has an international team of gem experts devoted to finding you the finest quality gemstones at the best possible prices. Since we are located in Chanthaburi, the world's center for cutting and trading of colored gemstones, we have ready access to the widest range of precious and semi-precious colored gems from traditional sources, such as Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, India and Brazil, as well as new and exciting finds from Africa and Madagascar. You can see a list of many of our most Popular Gems which includes gems by color, size, shape, origin - such as round blue sapphire or blue cabochon gemstones. We even gems by price and budget, so you can shop for cheap gems less than $25.00 or from medium-priced stones up to $150. We have gemstones for every budget -- just because they're affordably priced, it doesn't mean they're 'cheap gems'.

Visit us at GemSelect and start shopping online now, or feel free to browse through and review our many interesting gem, jewelry and thai gem industry related articles. Or you can also visit our Gem Info Center where Gemselect Reviews on almost every gemstone known to man! Enjoy!

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